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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Benefits of RPO

Our dedicated sourcing specialist(s) will act as an integrated part of your team and will quickly adapt to your business needs and processes, while your team focuses their efforts on company’s core business. You get all the services and more which you expect out of your HR/recruiting team and the benefits outlined below for much less than it would cost to acquire, train and support internal staff:

Improved Time to Hire – RPO can accommodate the fluctuations in the recruiting needs of your company and can result in quick turn around times in recruiting.


Lower cost per hire - RPO is cost-efficient, saving up to 50% when compared with traditional recruitment search fees.


Accountability – In any business accountability is critical to the success of the organization. With RPO, vendors are held accountable for filling the positions via SLA’s whereas the traditional recruitment searches are not guaranteed.


Minimizing loss in revenues – Most HR departments don't have the bandwidth to handle a sudden surge in the recruitment needs which could result in positions not being filled and hence loss in potential revenue. With our RPO offering comes accountability and the ability to handle situations wherein hiring needs outpace recruiting capacity.


Focus – Outsourcing the core of the recruitment process allows the company's managers and HR staff to focus their efforts on the company's core business. Outsourcing liberates managers from day-to-day recruiting activities and allows more time for strategic planning, daily operations, and long-term initiatives which in turn can deliver the bottom-line results that companies demand.


Access to best industry practices – RPO firms have a competitive edge and have certain tools and processes that many companies may not have. On engaging an RPO firm, many organizations get cognizant of their hiring costs and are present to metrics like time-to-fill, cost-per-hire, quality of hire, etc. These metrics tend to get scrutinized closely with RPO firms.


Diverse and improved quality of candidates – An ancillary benefit of RPO is that it aids in accomplishing diversity objectives. An RPO vendor can be held accountable for hiring a diverse mix across multiple positions with equal focus on quality.



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